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Crimson Series Dark Mafia Romance Discounted Signed Paperback Bundle

Crimson Series Dark Mafia Romance Discounted Signed Paperback Bundle

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Receive the four book dark mafia romance Crimson Series as signed paperbacks by USA Today best-selling author Wendy Owens. ( Members read the ebooks on Kindle Unlimited for free.)

Crimson Ties Book One

Amelia is trapped in her father's ruthless Kring crime family and craves freedom.
Alexei is next in line for head of the Ivanov crime family and all the expectations that come along with it.

One reckless night the pair surrender to their passions before they know the true identity of the other.
Their forbidden romance defies family loyalties, sparking a dangerous liaison.
As their secret affair intensifies, threats loom.
Will their passion ignite a war?
Can they survive the deadly game?

In this sizzling Romeo and Juliet-inspired tale, Amelia must choose between love and loyalty or risk everything for Alexei.

Crimson Fate Book Two

In the thrilling sequel to the steamy mafia romance, Vincent King struggles as the new head of the family and faces an uneasy alliance through his sister’s marriage.

To show unity, Vincent agrees to a strategic marriage with the daughter of one of his captains. Eva, his loyal friend, pulls away when she learns of his engagement, leaving Vincent confused and realizing he's in love with her.

Torn between duty and desire, Vincent must choose: risk the fragile peace for love or lose his anchor forever.

In this passionate sequel, love, loyalty, and power clash. Will Vincent and Eva risk everything for happiness, or will duty keep them apart?

Crimson Vows Book Three

Betrayed by Vincent King, Gia considers a strategic marriage to Vincent’s cousin, Marco, who secretly harbors feelings for her. Despite Marco's promises, Gia remains skeptical and wary of being a pawn.

Desperate to show Gia that happiness is all he wants, Marco allows her to grow closer to his friends Dante and Nico. They ignite a fierce independence within her. As she explores her newfound power, Gia starts to break free from the chains of expectation and tradition.

However, a single misstep puts them all in grave danger, setting off a chain of events that threaten their very existence. Gia must navigate love, power, and peril if she wants to retain this freedom over her life.

Crimson Sins Book Four

Crimson Sins is the spicy conclusion to the mafia dark romance Crimson Series.

Marco, Gia, and Nico are on the run, marked for death after an attempt on Vincent's life. Amelia dispatched her brutal enforcer, Nikolai, and Marco's misled sister, Sophia, to drag them back to the city, where they will be used to send a chilling message to any who dare cross the King family again.

In a desperate gambit, the trio plots a return to New York with one goal: overthrow the family and have Marco claim the throne as the new boss.

Complications arise when Nikolai's growing affection for Sophia threatens to unravel everything. As alliances are shattered, a final showdown looms. The stage is set for the explosive finale of the Crimson Series, where loyalties are tested. At the end of the day, there can only be one who sits on the throne.

These books contain:
Dark mafia
Forbidden Love
Spicy scenesMurder
Age Gap
Grumpy Sunshine
Explicit language and detailed spicy scenes

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