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Crimson Vows Mafia Romance Signed Paperback

Crimson Vows Mafia Romance Signed Paperback

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Betrayed by Vincent King, Gia considers a strategic marriage to Vincent’s cousin, Marco, who secretly harbors feelings for her. Despite Marco's promises, Gia remains skeptical and wary of being a pawn.

Desperate to show Gia that happiness is all he wants, Marco allows her to grow closer to his friends Dante and Nico. They ignite a fierce independence within her. As she explores her newfound power, Gia starts to break free from the chains of expectation and tradition.

However, a single misstep puts them all in grave danger, setting off a chain of events that threaten their very existence. Gia must navigate love, power, and peril if she wants to retain this freedom over her life.

Content Advisory
graphic spicy scenes
Group intimacy
LGBTQ representation

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