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Crimson Sins Dark Mafia Signed Paperback

Crimson Sins Dark Mafia Signed Paperback

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Crimson Sins is the spicy conclusion to the mafia dark romance Crimson Series

Marco, Gia, and Nico are on the run, marked for death after an attempt on Vincent's life. Amelia dispatched her brutal enforcer, Nikolai, and Marco's misled sister, Sophia, to drag them back to the city, where they will be used to send a chilling message to any who dare cross the King family again.

In a desperate gambit, the trio plots a return to New York with one goal: overthrow the family and have Marco claim the throne as the new boss.

Complications arise when Nikolai's growing affection for Sophia threatens to unravel everything. As alliances are shattered, a final showdown looms. The stage is set for the explosive finale of the Crimson Series, where loyalties are tested. At the end of the day, there can only be one who sits on the throne.

Content Advisory
Age Gap
Grumpy Sunshine
Explicit language and detailed spicy scenes

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