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Roses Are Red Violet Is Dead Signed Paperbacks

Roses Are Red Violet Is Dead Signed Paperbacks

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Trouble seems to follow Penny Preston wherever she goes, but as usual, when life gives her lemons, she makes lemon bars. Her trusty sidekick, Linda, has convinced her they need their Private Investigator's licenses. The only problem is she can’t figure out how to tell the overprotective Deputy Hanson, now that they are dating, that she’s going all in on this mystery business.

Penny’s new adventure takes a back seat when the local baker, Violet, turns up missing. With the baker’s ex-fiancé mysteriously returning to town, it seems like the police may have a viable suspect, that is, until another towns-person goes missing.

Penny decides she can't sit back and do nothing. She must try to find her missing friend before it’s too late for the pastry princess, but can she do it before any more Wyoming, Ohio locals go missing?

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