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Secrets At Meadow Lake Signed Paperback

Secrets At Meadow Lake Signed Paperback

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Ten years ago, a secret bound them together. Now, their past returns to haunt them.

Riley and her college friends share a dark past, a crime they thought they'd buried deep. But when each of them receives a mysterious invitation to a weekend getaway at a cabin on Meadow Lake, they're forced to confront the chilling truth—their secret isn't as hidden as they thought.

As the reunion unfolds on the anniversary of the night that changed their lives, tensions mount, and mistrust boils to the surface. Trapped in a snowstorm, they scramble to uncover the mastermind behind the invitation. Is it one of their own, seeking revenge or blackmail? Or is a new threat lurking in the shadows?

With the body count rising, Riley and her friends must face the secret that binds them and the unsettling possibility that their worst enemy might be closer than they realize. As the truth unravels, they quickly learn that the past never stays buried, and some secrets are more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Can they survive the harrowing weekend at Meadow Lake, or is the endgame more sinister than they could have ever predicted?

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