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Stubborn Love Signed Paperback

Stubborn Love Signed Paperback

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Haunted by a sense of guilt over her husband's untimely demise, Emmie never has sworn off love. Driven by a desire to escape her past, she sets her sights on New York's prestigious art school.

Bearded, bad-boy and real estate developer Colin prefers to keep his life free of complications. When he unintentionally becomes Emmie's landlord, that's exactly what he finds.

Everyone had a habit of letting Colin down, so he decided a long time ago it was easier to trust no one. When Emmie came into his life, the fact that she showed no interest in him seemed to make her the perfect tenant. Much to his frustration, though, he accidentally let himself start to care for her.

A journey of love, resilience, and redemption in a world where the heart wants what it wants. A second-chance contemporary romance about personal battles and the redemptive power of forgiveness.

This is book #1 in the series.

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