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The Day We Died Signed Paperback

The Day We Died Signed Paperback

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Sydney Booth has spent her life hiding a dark secret—she's the daughter of the notorious 'Lipstick Killer.'

As a crime scene investigator, Sydney is determined to right her father's wrongs. When her past catches up to her in the form of a murdered woman found wearing the same chilling lipstick signature her father had once used, she realizes her secret is no longer safe.

Sydney faces a harrowing choice: protect her family secret or bring a copycat killer to justice. As the body count rises and the stakes intensify, the race is on to uncover the twisted truth before it's too late.

"The Day We Died" is an electrifying journey filled with heart-pounding suspense, shocking twists, and relentless tension. Buckle in for a wild ride that will keep you guessing until the very last page in this pulse-pounding psychological thriller.

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