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The Luckiest Signed Paperback

The Luckiest Signed Paperback

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Married at eighteen, a child at nineteen, widowed and alone at twenty-one, Mac has lived enough pain for ten lifetimes.

A meeting of chance leads Mac to a job as a personal chef for a band on tour. Not exactly her dream job, but it's a paycheck and far away from all the memories that haunt her.

Dean has always known the stage and music was his future, and he's determined not to let anything distract him. Much to his frustration, when Mac enters his life, that's exactly what she is. Despite his resistance, the only thing he wants to do if help her put the pieces of her heart back together.

Can these two overcome their stubborn hearts long enough to see that life has more in store for them, or are some people just meant to be passing ships in the night?

These stories can be read as a series or as stand-alone.

This is book #3 in the series.

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