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It Matters to Me Signed Paperbacks

It Matters to Me Signed Paperbacks

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Kenzie feels like she’s suffocating, smothered by her own life.

After graduating from college, she assumed she would marry Ben and start the perfect family. The problem is, she’s not sure she wants the happily ever after, at least not with him.

Aiden is an expert at loving them and leaving them.

Growing up with his billionaire abusive father, he is certain he has zero interest in relationships or the pain they bring. But his new photography assistant has him questioning his choice to keep everyone at arm's length. Is Kenzie enough to make him risk the pain?

Just when they all think the pieces of her lives are finally falling into place, a tragedy leaves everyone questioning the things that truly matter to them.

A heart will be left broken, the question is, who's heart will it be?

This is book #2 in the series.

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