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My Husband's Fiancee Signed Paperback

My Husband's Fiancee Signed Paperback

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I was locked away for a crime I didn't commit, and the woman who might hold the key to my freedom is in love with my husband.

I had the perfect life until the devastating loss of my unborn child sent me into a spiral and my husband seeking comfort in the arms of another woman. When his mistress is found brutally murdered, it doesn't take the cops long to discover proof that I was planning to end her life. The problem is that despite the evidence against me and the fact that I had planned to murder her, I didn't actually kill her.

Finding myself behind bars, I cannot unearth the truth of what happened that night. But a glimmer of hope unexpectedly walks into the prison in the form of Dr. Evelyn Powell, the next woman to fall into the manipulative grasp of Nathan, my husband. As Evelyn and I forge an unlikely bond within these grim walls, I see a chance to expose Nathan's heinous actions and save Evelyn from being the next victim.

All I have to do is the impossible: persuade Evelyn to turn against the man she thinks she loves and aid me in digging up evidence to establish my innocence.

My Husband's Fiancee is a spine-chilling psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. If you enjoyed Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, you'll be captivated by this intense and suspenseful story about love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice. This narrative will compel you to question all your preconceived notions about love, loyalty, and the fine line separating innocence from guilt.

*** This is part of a two-book series, and both are now available.

This is book #1 in the series.

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