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Unhallowed Curse Signed Paperback

Unhallowed Curse Signed Paperback

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Gabe is certain his new friends are mistaken about him being the prophesied one. How could he be destined to deliver the last prophet to either safety or death? 

His doubts don’t change the fact that darkness has found its way into Rampart Manor, though. When Sophie is found to be the victim of a curse, Gabe is no longer fighting for himself but battling to save one of the few people who has given him hope again.

Unsure who they can trust, the inner circle of Guardians must figure out a way to help one of their own before it's too late.


This is a YA fantasy/paranormal story that contains angels, demons, magical creatures, magic, and a lot of action.

 This is book #2 in the series.

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